Here's How To Stay Cool Your Hot House

Yes, window tinting isn’t only for cars. Window tinting and solar film are wonderful ways to decrease your home’s interior temperature while adding an artistic flare. Home window tint commonly contains a mix of metals or dyes to filter 99 percent of dangerous UV rays.

Solar film and other window tints accomplish four things for your home: minimize heat gain by insulating your windows; reduce UV ray damage; reduce glare; and balance hot and cool regions. Window tinting may save you up to 40% on your power cost. This is vital for households in hot climates. Locate reputable residential window tinting.

Upkeep your AC

Summer in Nevada is unbearable without air conditioning. Try increasing your AC’s temperature when you’re not home to save electricity. While it may be tempting to boost the temperature much, merely a few degrees can help your air conditioner return to a more pleasant temperature when you get home.

Also, remember to clean your filters periodically to avoid dust gathering. This will increase air quality and air conditioner performance. Combining better air conditioner use with window tinting saves even more money.

Better grilling skills

Living in Nevada means you can barbeque almost all year. If you usually cook inside, try learning to grill; using your stove or oven might make your home too hot. Taking it outside prevents heat buildup. You can even cook sweets and pizzas! Look out fresh recipes to surprise your neighbors while keeping your home cool in the heat.