The custom sun protection film is a proper name for automotive screens. It is worth noting the significance of the LLumar and its automotive film line adored by several car manufacturers because of its ability to protect anyone in the car from the negative impact of UV rays. You only need to apply this line of automotive film once and enjoy its positive results brought by the sun protection film.


Every car owner desires to have a comfortable and lavish vehicle. Any good vehicle should have the following admirable features that add a sense of elegance and comfort: an air conditioner, stereo sound, and comfortable seats. However, when driving in the sun, there are higher chances that you will be exposed to the harmful sun’s rays.


Exposure to harmful UV rays is likely to lead to skin cancer and skin related issues. Research done by St. Louis University School of Medicine shows that the part of your skin exposed to the harmful rays is more likely to suffer the most. Studies from this medical school also show that cancer-related problems in America are increasing faster. Therefore, it is necessary to know the right sunscreen for your car window sun protection; it will work best for you, whether vehicular or regular.


Sun Exposure Trackers

Several devices are being developed to help protect our vehicles and people from harmful exposure to sun rays. The device, in this case, should manage to alert you when you get exposed to extreme sun rays. The sun exposure trackers are of different varieties. They can either be worn on your wrist or clip it on your piece of clothing, whether a shirt or trouser and come at different prices. Examples of sun trackers include TZOA. Suntracker, SunSprite, SunFriend, June, and Climate, to name a few. You will find one that suits you.


It is also necessary to understand how these trackers respond to the UVB and UVA rays. Stand-alone trackers will signal you through flashlights that you need to find shelter, trackers with low technology change color to signify that it’s exposed to harmful UV rays. Some devices come with advanced features enabling you to configure with Bluetooth. Most of these devices can be configured to rhyme with your skin tone through sensitivity adjusting. There are those devices that respond to environmental factors and cloud covers. When you make wearing these sun trackers a habit, you will familiarize yourself more with weather patterns and the impacts of harmful UV rays.


Supplements To Protect You From Harmful Sunrays

Protection from harmful sun rays should not be taken for granted. There are a variety of supplements to protect you from the adverse impacts of these rays, like the Osmosis UV Neutralizer, Sunsafe Rx Supplements, and the Heliocare Suncare Protection Pills. The demand for these supplements is growing, attracting the attention of many.



The supplement pills have antioxidants in them integral in keeping you safe from harmful exposure to sun rays. The supplement pills help boost one’s immunity against skin cancer and speed up your skin’s healing process.


There is another type of sunscreen protection supplement in liquid form. Often, it is recommended you drink 60 minutes before you’re exposed to the sun for three hours of protection from harmful sun rays. Several reviewers confirm the functionality of the liquid supplement though others are still having doubts about it. You can decide whether to use liquid supplements or pills. Unlike liquid supplements, pills are tasteless.


From this article, you can understand the impact of harmful sun rays on you and how to protect yourself from the harmful rays. If you are a car owner, apply the sun protection film on your car to protect your body from the harmful impacts of the sun. For quality car window sun protection services, contact us at (480) 432-7756 or visit our site for more information.